Mine Risk Education (MRE):
is one of the broadest activities within the mine action framework to mitigate the impact of mines and unexploded ordnance on communities.


Impact of mines and unexploded ordnance:
Mines of deadly weapons that have a long-term impact on peoples after the end of the war by decades. It prevents the development of areas with minefields and the exposure of humans to dangers that do not disappear over the years, leaving many effects on the individual and society, including:

-Physical effect.

-Psychological impact.

-Social and economic impact.

Physical Impact:
Mines and unexploded ordnance may kill or injure people with permanent congenital defects and deformities or lead to the amputation of an upper or lower limb or both.

Psychological impact:
The damage caused by the mine explosion is large and no matter how the person is characterized by a solid personality and the ability to bear the pain of loss of the lower or upper limbs, over time it is experiencing a psychological setback due to social reasons for feeling inferior or economic inability to do business that is accustomed to it or the result of feeling dependent on others To meet the demands of his daily life, where many survivors of mine and unexploded ordnance explode a continuing psychological conflict during their daily lives with themselves, with their families and with the surrounding community.

Social and economic impact:
Landmines and other explosive remnants of war threaten, maim and kill indiscriminately long after the end of hostilities and the end of war, and hinder reconstruction and economic development. These mines and debris often cause severe injury to civilians, including the amputation of one or more parties, the majority of whose victims are civilians. Being permanently disabled, they need special care that the state lacks, forcing them to seek treatment abroad.   Mines and waste cause the cutting of roads leading to livelihoods and livelihoods and the closure and non-use of such as:  – Farmland.  – Cattle grazing.  – Filling of fuel.  – Wells and water sources.  – Markets … etc. It also prevents the Government from implementing strategic and development plans in affected areas whose impact is reflected on the population in the communities.

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